London Family Game Day, November 2013


Some of you may wonder if all we do is design games. Well, no. I try to give back to the community and grow the audience by teaching new gamers how to play the so-called “gateway games” and by teaching experienced gamers how to play some of the latest and greatest games. Along with some of my friends, we host the free-for-all London Family Game Days twice a year, conveniently timed after Alan R. Moon’s “Gathering of Friends” and Essen so that we can attend those events and bring back some goodies for the fine people of London to partake in.

Here’s a quick video from our local public news station covering the event:

London Family Game Day Video

Thanks to all of our FLGS sponsors
-GeekStop Games
-Ubercool Stuff
-L.A. Mood Comics & Games

Thanks to all of our publisher sponsors
– R&R Games (Event Sponsor)
– Uniforge (Tournament Sponsor)
– Days of Wonder
– Mayday Games
– Level99 Games
– Minion Games
– Conquistador Games
– Red Raven Games
– Indie Boards & Cards
– Stone Blade Entertainment

Thanks to our community partner, Victoria Public School, for providing the space and the food.

And thanks, especially, to our cadre of tireless volunteer instructors without whom the day would not go at all!


Here are some pics from the event:

IMG_0453 IMG_0459 IMG_0454 IMG_0450 IMG_0440 IMG_1407 IMG_1404 IMG_1345 IMG_0468 IMG_1337 IMG_1335Designer Sen

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