First Pic of Belfort: The Expanion Expansion

Test Copy of Belfort:  The Expansion Expansion

Test Copy of Belfort: The Expansion Expansion

With only 2 and a half weeks to print, 4 weeks to shipping and clear customs, and a few weeks to take inventory, everything seems right on target for the first full expansion of Belfort to be delivered as promised!

This, along with our 2014 releases (Akrotiri from Z-man and Swashbucklers from Queen) and our hopefuls (Lions Share, Pop Goes The Weasel, What’s That?, and Junkyard) have Jay and I looking towards the future eagerly. Over August, we were also able to get a lot of work done on designs old and new, taking feedback from publishers and playtesters to improve games like Rock, Paper, Wizards (along with Josh Cappel) and forge inroads into new game territory with our Tower Defense design.

More to come soon – Jay needs to stop watching movies… (He’s at TIFF)

~ Sen