Belfort: The Expansion Expansion – new art revealed!

Here’s another Assistant from our first expansion to Belfort called Belfort: The Expansion Expansion. This one is the Gorgon and she has some mighty fine skills! You can still support the expansion on Kickstarter!

Gorgon Background Story

What do you get when you mix stone-cold business accumen with deadly beauty? Why, the Gorgons from the dark caves in the swamps surrounding Belfort, that’s what! One might see a Gorgon or two in Belfort during the warmer months, seeking to make some gold to last through the winter.

While some may say they use scare tactics, the Gorgons themselves prefer to use the word “charm” to describe their ability to ensure that the most lucrative tracts of land remain available for their Master Architect’s use. Anyone else hoping to build in a district occupied by a Gorgon best be prepared to pay for the privilege or risk becoming part of the ever-growing rock garden in that area.


As the Gorgon’s Master Architect, you can place her in a District of your choice. To build in that district now costs other players an ever-increasing amount of Gold as the year passes. However, if you choose to build in that District, you will be paid to do so!

All Gold transfers are between the players and the supply. Note that a payment is good for the whole round in which it was made – you do not gain Gold twice if you build two Properties in the District the Gorgon is in, for example.


Choose the Gorgon as your Assistant if you have a memory like a Dwarf – long and full of grudges! Once vacant lots become scarcer, a shrewd Master Architect (like yourself, perhaps) should take account of who wants to build what and where.

Strategically placing your Gorgon in districts where other Master Architects want to build can paralyze their plans if they haven’t factored in the fee they will need to pay the supply now.



-Jay Cormier


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