A Veritable Flurry of Activity!

The Bamboozle Brothers beehive is buzzing with activity!  The reasons are 3-fold!

1. Gathering of Friends 2013 (April 13-21)

Jay and I heading down to Alan R. Moon‘s Gathering of Friends for a great deal of gaming, friendship, and fun!  A whole whack of our Game Artisans of Canada colleagues were invited as well, so expect a lot of news from the GAC media outlet!

We will be pitching some games to publishers, but mostly we’re there to network.  A HUGE shout out to another fellow Artisan, Stefan Alexander, who helped Jay and I work on our first app-ified game, “What’s That?” – we hope to show it off at the conference as well!  Our oft-time partner in crime, Josh Cappel will be there as well, so we hope to further refine our joint projects – “Belfort:  The Expansion Expansion” and “Rock, Paper, Wizards”.  A full week ahead, indeed!

2.  Belfort:  The Expansion Expansion

Speaking of the Belfort expansion, the TMG team has been working around the clock to prepare for the launch of our KickStarter campaign!  That’s right, this is the very first time the Bamboozle Brothers will be using crowdfunding to help produce a game.  Let’s hope that everything goes well and we’ll have the expansion in your hot little hands by October 2013!

Here’s some artwork from Josh to whet your appetite!  These are the Avatars that team members have been using on Facebook, BGG, Twitter, etc. to get everyone primed for the KS launch.


The Goon, of course, is Josh’s avatar.  A cookie to whoever guesses what mine is 😀
Be sure to “Like” Belfort on Facebook to get even more updates on the expansion and the campaign!

3.  Akrotiri

Akrotiri is starting to ramp into production as well, with our artist, Chris Quilliams (another Canadian, originally from Winnipeg).  He’s done some amazing work in the past, so we’re stoked to see what he can bring to this 2-player game about (yeah, yeah) exploration in the Mediterranean…

Here’s some of his past work:

This is Babel (by Uwe Rosenberg and Hagen Dorgathen) that has been aquired as part of Z-man’s 2-player line.  We can only assume that Akrotiri will be part of said line and, as such, we are in fine company!

We’re not totally sure as to when Filosofia/Z-man is going to release Akrotiri, but we’ll keep you up-to-date with information as it comes in.  We’ll be meeting with Sophie and Zev at the GoF, so we hope to hear more about Akrotiri as the conference unfolds.

Whew!  Busy times for the Bamboozlers!

~ Sen-Foong Lim


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