Game Jam 3!

In it’s third year, the Toronto Boardgame Jam is a 2-day game designing event starting on Saturday morning and concluding on Sunday evening.  In that 48 hours, games are made and the playtested with the other attendees.  It’s a wonderfully creative and supportive environment for designers, new and old alike, to meet like-minded people, try out some wacky ideas, and make games!

Game Jam 3

This year, Jay and I were guest speakers at the event as we were fortuitously in the same room at the same time.  Even though we were Skype’d in from London, ON, we were able to hold a Q&A session and talk to prospective designers about how to take their games from *cough cough* inspiration to publication.

Though the video couldn’t be captured, you can listen to all 47 glorious minutes of our panel right here:

We’ll be sure to support Game Jam in the years to come and foster the development of new game designers and new game designs.  If you’re in the Toronto area and want to participate, remember to look out for notices in January 2014!

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