German, Polish and Spanish Belfort Admirers?

Belfort-PSWell the German language and Polish language version of Belfort is now out as is evident by a few reviews that are popping up online. Pegasus Spiele has partnered with Tasty Minstrel Games to publish the German version (along with new box art) and Lacerta partnered with TMG to publish the Polish version.

Here’s a video review of the German version by If anyone out there speak German can you let us know what they thought of the game?! đŸ™‚

Here’s a video review of the Polish version by Board Times. If you can understand Polish – then let us know what they’re saying!

Here’s a Spanish written review of Belfort (the game wasn’t published in Spanish – so they were playing an German version of the game) by Alrededor de la Mesa. Google Translate helped us out with this one! While he thought that with some players the downtime can be too much, he did say,

“I think a great Belfort game mid-level majorities the right amount of interaction between players.” (thanks Google Translate!)

And finally, if you only speak English, well here’s a review from play board games that also gave Belfort a favourable review!

So thanks to everyone around the world for playing and reviewing Belfort! It’s great to know that people in other parts of the world can now play our game!!

-Jay Cormier