Belfort Around the World

Belfort is still getting attention around the world!

In Germany, they just finished up Spiel in Essen – the biggest board game convention in the world with just under 200,000 attendees this year. Sen and I didn’t go (I went last year and we both plan on going next year!) – but Belfort was for sale at the convention! Last year I had just received my copy of Belfort before leaving for Germany and so I was able to show some people the game while I was there – including Pegasus Spiel – a German publisher! If you’ve been reading this blog then you probably already know that they’ve agreed to publish the German language version of the game! I don’t think the German version was available at Essen though…does anyone out there know if it was at the Pegasus Spiel booth?

Regardless, BGG (boardgamegeek) was there and they have a booth where people can enter games that are hot into their computers. These computers then project the top list of what’s hot right there to the attendees. This allows people to check out what’s perceived to be hot each day. At the end of the event there’s a list of every game that got votes – and lo and behold, Belfort was on the list! It was ranked 101 – which means out of all the hundreds (thousands?) of games at Essen this year – people voted Belfort to be the 101st hottest game there…even though it’s been out for a year in North America! Cool!

Not only are people in Germany appreciating Belfort – but Spanish people are too! We found 2 Spanish reviews of Belfort! That’s pretty cool! Using Google Translate it appears that both are favourable reviews – huzzah!!

The Black Meeple review: “While Belfort is a game that does not innovate in mechanical, it is true that mixing and placement of workers is tremendously well conjoined majorities.” (Thanks to Google Translate for this awesome translation!!)

The Jueguetistoria review: “In our opinion, Belfort can be the worker placement game, and if not the game itself, one of the best. Many different mechanism, all fitting together, a nice theme, some beatiful components and the lack of randomness, but with higher interaction than usual. All this make Belfort a very good recommendation, and that there are very few brain-burners like this. The majority mechanism, for sure, make it a special game.”

Italians are enjoying Belfort as well! Here’s a link to ISLA – an Italian web-zine dedicated to boardgames. Click on the Scarica Ora button to download the issue. The review (in Italian!) is on page 41.

And a few more English reviews popped up recently!

Board Game Reviews by Josh review: “Considering the strategic depth of the game, the rules are very easy to learn and teach.”

Review by BGG user Sean Johnson: “…it gets added to our list of favorite games.”

And to round things off – Belfort currently is sitting as the 234th best game…of all time! According to users of boardgamegeek that is. We’re inching ever higher in this list (and by higher I mean a lower number!).

We’re continually elated to read about everyone’s experience with our game and are excited to show everyone the expansion that is planned for next year! Woo hoo!

-Jay Cormier


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