Belfort in the Games Magazine Top 100 of 2013

Belfort makes the venerated GAMES Magazine Top 100 Games of 2013 list, coming in behind the winner The Village (2012’s SdJ winner) and the runner-up Olympos in the “Advanced Strategy” Category.  Also on this list were Tournay, Fealty, 011, Last Will (my own personal favourite from 2012), Principato, Quebec, Firenze, MIL 1049, Norenberc, and Ora e Labora.  Stefan Feldt’s Trajan won for the overall best Traditional Game.

Jay and I are over the moon with the amount of recognition that Belfort has been getting as of late.  It’s really an honour to hear that so many people enjoy playing our games.  Kudos also to our partners-in-crime, Josh Cappel (artist), Seth Jaffee (developer), and Michael Mindes (publisher) for their work on Belfort (and many other titles they were a part of that also made the Games Magazine Top 100 for 2013)!

~ Sen


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