Belfort mini-promo now available to all!

When the second printing of Belfort came to our shores last month, they also came with a mini-promo that consisted of three new guilds! These guilds can be mixed and matched with all your other guilds to keep replayability high on the game.

There was a bit of kerfuffle when current owners of the game couldn’t get their hands on this neat little promo – but that is now rectified! The Belfort Guild Promo Pack #1 is now available on the Boardgamegeek store for $5.00!

What’s so special about these three new guilds? Well, first we have the Contractors’ Guild, which is a new Resource Guild and provides 1 Wood, 1 Stone and 1 Metal. This variety is nice and has been a favourite throughout all the playtesting!

Next is the Rules Lawyers’ Guild – which is a great name for a guild! This guild allows you to break the rules of the game by getting points outside the normal ways. Always keep an eye on someone who continues to target this guild!

Finally we have the Sentries’ Guild. This guild puts more emphasis on building walls! Usually they are buildings that are built near the end of the game, but now you can profit from them throughout the game!

We hope you enjoy this mini-promo!

On a side note: we’ve finalized the rules to our official expansion and it will be heading to our artist (the amazing Josh Cappel) very soon!

-Jay Cormier

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