So Much To Post, So Little Time

I know, I know.  We’ve been so very remiss in this area lately – but there’s a reason!  I was out in BC at Jay’s place over the March Break working on games.  We wanted to ensure we had some new things to show at “The Gathering of Friends” in April – a gaming community event hosted by the prolific Alan R. Moon (he of Ticket to Ride fame).  We worked so hard, that we totally forgot about adding to the blog!

But fear not, gentle reader, for your short-term loss may be your long term gain!  Why, you ask?  Well, because we designed 5 new games in that time that are prototyped and playtest ready:

  1. Pass The Hat
  2. Eat At Joe’s
  3. Box Office
  4. Kung Fu Chaos

We also got to work on our secret hush hush project for WizKids – a project so mired in secrecy that to say the title would result in an implosion of the interwebs!

We also came up with several other concepts yet to be fleshed out (including a thought of doing a dice game in the world of Belfort, a spy game, and), playtested the 2nd iteration of the upcoming Belfort expansion, and ran some blind playtests for games from other members of the Game Artisans of Canada (Paul Saxberg’s Coven, Michael Xuereb’s Orc Tribes, and Al Leduc’s A Game of Cat and Mouse).

Jay and I were also 2 of the only people in the world to watch John Carter (good movie, despite the poor box office showing) and we got to laugh our asses off at…that’s not right…21 Jump Street.  I don’t get to go to movies often, so it’s a treat that only happens when Jay and I are in the same town.

So a lot of work, a lot of fun, and, thus, not a lot of blog posts!  That should change from here on out.

Well, until the next game designing binge!

~ Sen

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