Belfort’s First Printed Review!!

Went to the book store today as I was hoping the April edition of GAMES magazine was out. It was…it is! What’s so special about the April edition you ask? We got our first printed review of Belfort in this issue!


Supercool. The review was written by their resident board game reviewer, John J. McCallion who wrote reviews for 8 games in this issue. John does a great job at giving you an idea of how the game works, but I’m in awe to read his opening line:

Jay Cormier and Sen-Foong Lim make their GAMES debut with a worker placement masterpiece that even veteran designers could boast about.

That’s pretty amazing to read! Thanks for playing and for the kind words John! So check out the first, and currently only printed review of Belfort out there in the April edition of GAMES magazine!

-Jay Cormier


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