Faidutti a Fan!

If you haven’t played a game designed by that prolific Frenchman, Bruno Faidutti…where the heck have you been?  He’s the man responsible for some very popular games like Incan Gold, the beautiful Ilsa Dorada, and the classic title Citadels.  He’s also 1/2 of the team behind other notable games like Mystery of the Abbey, Mission Red Planet, and Ad Astra.  Chances are, you’ve played a game that Bruno designed and you may not even be aware of it!

Well, we’ve played and enjoyed a bunch of his designs and co-designs.  In fact, I’m particularly fond of Dragon’s Gold.  And now, he’s returned the favour and played one of *our* games – Belfort.

Bruno was the first one on Boardgame Geek that figured out that “Belfort” is an actual city in France.  Mr. F described the real Belfort as “boring” when he heard we were naming a game after it.   After reading his impression of the game, I think it’s safe to assume that Bruno enjoys our version of the city much better than the real one – there are elves or dwarves in *our* Belfort!

Our map is also prettier.

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