Most Anticipated Games of 2012?

The Boardgamegeek site is having a poll to see which games are the 20 most anticipated of 2012. They listed 50 different games that had the most nominations for the last couple of weeks. It looks like the unnamed Belfort expansion is in the running for a few categories.

If you’re anticipating an expansion for Belfort, feel free to cast your vote* on the following categories:


Category: Fantasy/Medieval

Category: Economic

There’s also a couple games from other Game Artisans of Canada on the list as well: Frankendie (Horror, Dice, Original, Overall) and D-Day Dice (Wargame, Historical, Dice, Original, Overall).

This list acts as a beacon of what to look out for in the coming year so check back after Jan 15th to see what made the cut!

* yes, you do have to register on the site before your vote will count!

-Jay Cormier


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