Ender Wiggins Works His Comprehensive Pictoral Overview Magic on Belfort

Ender is one of the true giants of the ‘Geek – a name that implies veracity and tenacity in the quest for what is a good game.  While Ender and Jtemple (his writing partner) have come under some criticism that they only post positive reviews of games they actually like, it is apparent that there is a whole lot of effort that goes into each and every one of these reviews.  And if they were to post a similarly comprehensive review of a game they *didn’t* like, that would be a lot of time spent on a poor product.

So when we found out that the team was reviewing Belfort, and that they really enjoyed it…well, Jay and I were over the moon!  Ender had prefaced this review with a few solid session reports of his playthroughs with his children – this in itself was great at it showed that the game is more accessible than some, yet still weighty with decisions to be made.

So do yourself a favour and head on over to the ‘geek to sneak a peak at one of the most thorough reviews of a game I’ve ever seen!  For more of Ender’s Comprehensive Pictoral Overviews, check out this geeklist.

~ Sen-Foong Lim

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