Belfort is a Winner at BGG.con

BGG.con is the convention run by the number one boardgaming site, lovingly called This is a convention for gamers! I attended last year to promote the launch of Train of Thought and had a blast! Mostly it’s just people playing games together. The convention is strategically scheduled a few weeks after Essen so that they can bring all the new and cool games back for the gamers to devour.

Throughout the event gamers can use their unique pass code to log into a computer and rate any games that they play on a scale of 1 to 5. As the convention progresses, gamers can see which games are getting a lot of buzz or hype as the top 25 games are on a constant rotation as they are projected on a huge screen in the main hall. They then sort the votes into three categories: High, Medium and Low traffic. So if a game only got 5 votes – but they were all 5’s, then it is put at the top of the Low traffic list.

Last year we were humbled to have Train of Thought to be the second highest rated game under the High Traffic list! That was very surprising since it wasn’t a gamers game. This year, attendees were able to get a free copy of Train of Thought if they wanted one!

So coming into this year’s BGG.con, Belfort was riding high on some recent reviews and it got elevated to the Hot Games room – where it was set up to be played constantly throughout the event. So guess which game was rated as the best game of BGG.con 2011?

Yep, Belfort was rated as the #1 game for BGG.con 2011 – under the High Traffic list! Wow. That is so great to see. Thanks to everyone who played it at the con!

-Jay Cormier

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