HUCH! & Friends Evaluating “Clunatics”

HUCH! & Friends (GER) have our latest party game design safely in their hands to evaluate.  We’re very hopeful that this game about maximizing minimal clues finds a home with them!

(Just remember:  “Hope is not a strategy.”)

We even made them German versions of some of the idiom cards because we wanted the playtesting to go as smoothly as possible.  Is “Raining Cats and Dogs” a common phrase in German?  I’m not sure…but I know that anything about sausages probably is!

“Alles hat ein Ende, nur die Wurst hat zwei.

That’s right, folks.  Once again, the Bamboozle Brothers go the extra mile to ensure that their prototype gets played in the best of circumstances.  While we wish we spoke/wrote German, we do what we can to make game play the best possible experience even with the language barriers that may present themselves.  We don’t let a little thing like language stop us!

Man, now I’m hungry.

~ Sen-Foong Lim


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