BGG.con Update: Train of Thought Giveaway + Belfort in the HOT GAMES room

Jay and I like making all kinds of games.  Our first published game, Train of Thought, is a party word game, that’s more cerebral than it’s given credit for at first glance.  And yet my 7-year old son can play – and sometimes, remarkably well –  ToT (as it’s lovingly known around these here parts) without much assistance at all!

If you happen to be a registrant at 2011’s BGG.con event in Dallas, Tx (Nov 16 – Nov 20, 2011), you can grab a free copy of ToT straight out of Michael Mindes’ hands!  Of course, there’s always Martian Dice or JAB: Real Time Boxing to be had.  I recommend both, but – if push came to shove – I’d have to say that ToT is the way to go.  No bias 😀

Also showcased at BGG.con this year is our flagship game, Belfort.  It’s been picked as one of the few games to be playable in the HOT GAMES room at at the con along with such stand outs as Dungeon Petz, Ora et Labora, etc..  A sincere thanks to all that voted for it in the poll.  Hopefully, many more people will get to experience the fun that is Belfort first hand!  I’m not sure if Michael will have some of the very limited reserve stock there, but there will hopefully be some copies on hand from retailers.

Wish I could be there!

~ Sen-Foong Lim


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