Dice Hate Me Doesn’t Hate Belfort!

In fact, they love it!

The excellent gaming site Dice Hate Me just posted this glowing review of Belfort, rating it in terms of Gameplay/Reply, Components & Theme, and Fun.

The verdict:

“Overall score: 17 out of 18 – Definitely not your average deck-builder or dice-roller, but if you’d love nothing better than to dig into a heaping helping of Euro goodness – and would prefer your game boxes be not adorned by dour 16th-century tradesmen – then Belfort is worth the time. And as for just a little hint: Belfort is in the running for Dice Hate Me Game of the Year. It’s that good.”

~ Sen-Foong Lim

p.s. Take note of the statement at the end of the review…and then run to your friendly local game store (FLGS) to place an order if you haven’t scooped up a copy already!


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