Protospiel North @ HammerCon III: The Aftermath

Sound ominous, no?

Jay and I had a great time in our old stompin’ ground of Hamilton, ON.   We registered at the event, got into our hotel and met up with the Ottawa crew.  They had already eaten, so we dragged Daryl, our partner-in-crime for the weekend, to our first FLGS, Bayshore Hobbies (home of the infamous “no farting” sign) and then to dinner at our favourite dive, Tally Ho! (where they’ve been “Now! Serving Souvlaki!” for at least 15 years).

From there, we headed back to HammerCon and linked up with Yves, Al, and the other Daryl.  

Ken and Josh also came from the Game Artisans of Canada crew, but they were elusive and couldn’t be caught on camera.  Much like the Yetis that attack in the Belfortian winters, as it were.

We played a lot of prototypes, sharing our experiences with newer designers and gaining knowledge from the veterans as well as the Snakes & Lattes crew and reps from ElfinWerks and Tartan Grizzly.

Here’s a list of prototypes we played (note: game descriptions are not provided as I do not have permission to discuss details here):

  • Daniel Rocchi’s Zombie Dash (needs a new title as someone just released a game with the same name)
  • Our Akrotiri
  • Al Leduc’s Cat Dice (that he whipped up right there and then)
  • Al Leduc’s Monkey King
  • Al Leduc’s and Yves Tourigny’s Criminal
  • Our EIEIO
  • Our Lost for Words
  • Our Swashbucklers
  • Our Hog the Remote
  • Jay Cormier’s, Gavan Brown’s, Ryley Tolman’s, and Graeme Jahn’s Like It
  • Al Leduc’s FrankenDie
  • Al Leduc’s and Yves Tourigny’s Galaxy
  • Josh Cappel’s Shutri
  • Daryl Chow’s Garden Bingo

Jay sat in on a discussion of Jonathan Lavallee’s RPG Air, and I watched people playing Yves Tourigny’s Quick or the Dead and Francois Valentyne’s Give it to the King (featuring awesome handcarved miniatures).

Yves and I took notes as players from Snakes and Lattes went through Midnight Men.  This was the first time on the new board with the mini-cards.  Overally, it went well and we will be taking all the feedback we got from them and the other group that played, evaluating it, and streamlining the game to provide as heroic and narrative an experience as possible!

I would have liked to play Stephen Sauer’s Potions Level I game as well as Francois’ games, but didn’t have time between running other games, sadly.  Micah Fuller’s Colonies of Mars was intruiguing and Josh Derkson’s Astral Vanguard looked stunning with extremely nice playing pieces.  I also heard a lot of good things about Rob Maxwell’s Mercenary game.

We got to demo and play Belfort a ton.  We got a lot of positive feedback about the game – it was featured as part of the Speed Gaming sessions (in which teams of 4 players would learn new games in 15 minute rotations – this really helped Jay and I with our demoing skills!) and as one of the final games in the Great Canadian Boardgame Blitz (Daryl Chow won Belfort and placed 2nd Overall!)

Jay, Josh and I also signed Belfort and Train of Thought for players and the FunGamesCafe store sold out of all copies!

All in all, a great weekend with friends and games, a great way to cap of Jay’s trip to Ontario, and a great way to celebrate my birthday.  Who could ask for anything more?

Better wings, maybe.

I’m looking at you, Chesters…

~ Sen-Foong Lim

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