And the Hits Just Keep on Coming…

Sadly, not another rapping review.

Joel Eddy [DriveThruReview] highlights Belfort’s features in this nicely done video review.

[ Intro (00:00); component overview (01:22); game overview (4:56); building and scoring (12:35); final thoughts and review (14:36)]

Then we received notice of a very positive review written by Shannon Appelcline in which he breaks down the game in a clean and complete style.

Shannon is a well-respected figure in the industry, so to read such positive words from him about Belfort was a very nice Birthday surprise for me!

[NB:  To his question as to why the Elves are cutting down their own forest the answer is this:  They know which trees need trimming and which need to grow best!  People (including the elves themselves) need a place to live, so they’d rather be the responsible wardens of the forest than leave it in the clumsy hands of the Humans, those gold-crazed Gnomes, or those grog-guzzling Dwarves!]


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