The Bamboozle Brothers Invade HammerCon III

In it’s third year (as denote by the “III” in the name), HammerCon III is *the* major gaming event in Hamilton, ON – the very city where a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Jay met a strapping young lad destined for greatness named Sen.  These two young go getters forged a friendship that has stood the test of time and now the designing duo is set to return to the city of their birth to play some prototypes and showcase their publications, Belfort and Train of Thought.

HammerCon III has something new this year – an official prototype portion of the convention.  Run by Francois Valentyne (Chaos, TtR: Legendary Asia), Protospiel North is an offshoot of the annual Protospiel event (now in it’s 10th year) that takes place in Michigan – just a hop skip and a jump from SW Ontario.  Designers can meet and play each others prototypes on Friday night; others will get to see the newest of the new during public gaming on the Saturday.

We’ll be welcoming our fellow brothers from the Game Artisans of Canada to HammerCon as well.  Ken Maher, Al Leduc, Daryl Chow, and Yves Tourigny will be showing their wares as will our artist/designer friend Josh Cappel.

Belfort and Train of Thought will be played during open gaming sessions.  Belfort will be one of the games in the Great Canadian Boardgame Blitz segment of the convention as well!  Jay and I are proud to have Belfort be a part of that tournament!

HammerCon III
November 4-5, 2011
Plaza Hotel, Hamilton Ontario


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