Train of Thought in McMaster Times

Jay and I get a mention in my alumni publication, McMaster Times, regarding Train of Thought, in their Fall 2011 edition.

While it’s nice to get credit, my wife got extra credit where credit *wasn’t due*.  Oh well.  She was the inspiration for the game (on my part, anyway) but co-designer is a bit of a stretch.  Sorry, honey!

Also, big props to Errol and Leroy – two friends of ours from McMaster.  Leroy is a founding partner at Lixar IT, an Ottawa-based firm that does kick-ass web development and all sorts of stuff that I haven’t the faintest clue about.   Leroy maintains a lot of the communication technology that Jay and I use to work across the great divide that is Albert, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  Errol is a geek.  And proud of it.  He’s also uber-talented at pretty much anything he puts his geekmind to.  Check out his latest fascination – his band, Debs & Errol!  Hire them if you need some geekcore music to get your geek on to!  SRSLY.


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