Official Canadian Belfort Launch at Snakes & Lattes in Toronto with the Designers and Artist

Snakes & Lattes is the first boardgame cafe in Toronto with over 1500 games and specialty treats!  It also happens to be where Jay and I will be demonstrating Belfort for the first time officially in Canada.

Please join us as we teach and play the game with fellow gamers!  As an added bonus, the game’s artist, Josh Cappel (Wasabi), will be there to showcase Belfort as well!  It is a rare and momentous occasion when Josh, Jay and I are in the same province, let alone the same building so be sure to catch us if you’d like your copies of any of our games signed for your personal collection!  If you’re in the Toronto-area, come on out and play Belfort with the designers and artist!

The festivities start at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, October 28, 2011

600 Bloor St. W.
Toronto, Ontario

There is ample parking nearby as well as close proximity to the TTC (Bathurst Station).

(Please note that there is a small cover charge for gaming at Snakes & Lattes)

Here’s a link to the Facebook E-vite for more info.


2 thoughts on “Official Canadian Belfort Launch at Snakes & Lattes in Toronto with the Designers and Artist

  1. Sounds like this would be a great event to head out to.
    Few questions
    1)how long will this run for
    2)will copies of the game be availible there for purchase
    2b) if yes do you know how much they will be selling for


    • Hello Kris!

      The event will be until 10:00 p.m., but gaming there runs until the wee hours. If there is enough interest, we will stay. There will be at least 5 or 6 copies available for sale though I hear it’s a hard game to get a hold of currently! As for price, I’m assuming it would be whatever MSRP is give or take.

      Hope to see you there!


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