Dice Hate Me reviews Belfort

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Episode 17 - the one about girls, featuring Belfort

On the 17th Episode of The State of Games podcast, the folks at Dice Hate Me take a look at our latest release, Belfort.  The good stuff (i.e. the stuff about Belfort!) starts at the 49 minute mark and features some very positive comments from the reviewers.  Listen in!

The first 3/4 of the podcast is also very interesting to listen to from the perspective of a game designer as it has to do with what girls like in board/card games.   Definitely food for thought!


3 thoughts on “Dice Hate Me reviews Belfort

  1. Sen – Thanks for the shoutout to the podcast! We’re glad you liked it, especially the part about Belfort. Monkey and I are really looking forward to our next play and introducing it to some friends so we can try it out with 5 players. Keep up the good work! – Chris @ dicehatme.com


  2. Thanks for playing, Chris. It’s nice to hear all the feedback, positive or constructive – it’s all good. Let us know how it goes when you do get to play with 4/5!


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