2 New Reviews and Geek Award Nominations

Two weeks until the big convention in Essen! I’m excited! I’ll be bringing a copy of Belfort and Train of Thought with me. I’ve got a meeting already set up with a publisher who has expressed interest in publishing Train of Thought in China! That’s exciting!

If you’re going to Essen and want to try Belfort, send me a message and we’ll try to organize a meetup somewhere. It’s not officially going to be at Essen because Tasty Minstrel Games will not be there – but we can still meet up and play it somewhere, right?!

Golden Geek Awards

Boardgamegeek’s annual Golden Geek Awards have begun, with the first phase: determining which games should be nominated. If you feel it deserves support, please vote for Train of Thought as one of the best Party Games this year. Click the link below, then click on Party Games. Click on Train of Thought and rank it, as well as any other games you’ve played.

Golden Geek Award Nominations

Two New Reviews

A new review from About.com’s Seth Brown for Train of Thought popped up online today! He liked it and gave it a 4 out of 5! My favourite part was this:

After a few rounds of this game, I found myself a little amped up! It’s a bit of a mental workout to try to think that fast, but it’s a whole lot of fun, and even the initially skeptical seemed to enjoy it.

Check out the entire review here.

Also a new review for Belfort by Kenneth Lewandowski, a user on boardgamegeek.com. He liked the game and gave it an 8 out of 10! Here’s my favourite excerpt:

Overall, we liked the game and are looking forward to play #2.

Thanks Kenneth and Seth for the kind words. As always, Sen and I are ecstatic to hear that people are enjoying our games.

-Jay Cormier






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