Update with reviews, availability and Essen!

Wanted to share a few updates:

1) Train of Thought is now available on http://www.bestbuy.ca – that’s the Canadian Best Buy website. This is our first national chain to carry Train of Thought and we’re hoping it does well there as it could be a gateway to getting it into other national retailers. So, if you’re Canadian and haven’t picked up a copy, then you can grab it here.

2) Belfort has hit America! The ship has landed and it’s now making its way through the distributor and retailer system. If you’re looking to pick this up then visit your local game store and ensure they’re ordering it in.

3) A new Belfort review is in, and this time it’s an audio one from Garrett’s Games and Geekiness. They really liked the game and had a lot of favourable things to say about it. Check them out here (the Belfort review starts around 15:40). Listen to it by visiting their website here.

4) Jay (me!) is going to Essen this year! This will be my first trip to Essen – or to Germany, for that matter. I’ll be bringing a copy of Belfort to show some European publishers to see if any are interested in bringing the game to Europe! Also – it would mean that I could play it with people, if there was interest! Not sure how you’d find me though!

5) The Belfort Designer Diaries have been posted on boardgamegeek. They’re the same posts that we have posted here on this blog, just compiled into one entry. You can check it out here.

-Jay Cormier



1 thought on “Update with reviews, availability and Essen!

  1. I’m sad that I won’t be going to Essen with you this year. But there’s always next year! Looking forward to Belfort hitting the stores and, more importantly, game tables across North America soon! If you’re a foreign publisher wanting more information on how you might be able to localize Belfort, give us a holler!


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