Akrotiri Makes The Final 4

Forget March!

October is what it’s all about for boardgamers, what with Essen and all that hoopla. And for Canadian game designers, the announcement of the winner for the 2011 Canadian Game Design Award at Calgary’s FallCon makes October even *more* important.

Last year, the competition was won by our friend Roberta Taylor’s entry Octopus’ Garden (soon to be released by Valley Games). Our entry, Jam Slam, fared well, but not well enough. 2011’s Final 4 looks like a veritable “Who’s Who” of Canadian boardgame designers: Matt Tolman (Undermining/Z-man) is a finalist with Undermining; Gavan Brown (JAB: Real Time Boxing/Tasty Minstrel Games) made the cut with Yum: Real Time Ice Cream; and Jérôme Morin-Drouin’s Ciceron is under consideration for the grand prize as well.

You know who else is?

We are!

Our entry into the fray, Akrotiri, rounds out a very solid Semi-Final Bracket in the CGDA. Akrotiri is also currently under evaluation with Quined (out of the Netherlands), so fingers crossed there as well! With the 2011 releases of Train of Thought and Belfort, the possibility of Akrotiri being signed and winning the CGDA is threatening to blow our collective mind!

For more information on the CGDA, please check the FallCon Blog.


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