Interview with the Creators of Train of Thought!

Still unpacking in my new place – but wanted to share this interview we did with Giant Fire Breathing Robot.  Check it out to learn more about the history of Train of Thought as well as more info about our next game Belfort.

I’ll also use this as an opportunity to update everyone on Belfort: As of last week – it has been sent to the printers in China!  We’re anticipating a summer release.  The art is super amazing and we’ll be leaking some images online over the next few months to start building up the hype!

And in the bad news department, our third game – But Wait There’s More – just got cancelled.  Apparently there’s a game coming out this year that’s eerily similar to our game and so we got cancelled.  Very sad of course, but understandable.  Onwards and upwards!

-Jay Cormier


1 thought on “Interview with the Creators of Train of Thought!

  1. It’s fun answering all the questions asked of us. And it’s very interesting hearing what Jay thinks is the most important thing / the next game we should work on / etc. – We’re like the “Two Headed Expert” (of theatre sports / improv fame) It’s funny to see how in tune we are sometimes, but then how differently we view the same thing at other points. I guess that’s what makes our team so great 😀

    Re: But Wait, There’s More, we’re not quite dead yet, as they say in “The Holy Grail”. We’re going to see just how similar our game is to the one being released and go from there. It may call for a retheme or it may be so different that we’re golden. Or, it may result in the game being shelved indefinitely. It is a pity because it is such a fun game while the game that *is* being released looks a bit less interesting in comparison (at this time, we’ve just seen a few cards and no rules from the other game).

    So, we’ll keep our fingers crossed that there’s still life in But Wait, There’s More. Until we know more, we’ll continue onwards and upwards – business as usual!

    Forward is the only way we go. Over the last little while, with Jay’s Big Move, I’ve just had the thinking cap on and I think we’ll have some pretty interesting designs this year!


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