Where can you get Train of Thought?

Well it’s out there now!  Train of Thought is available online and in stores.  Yeah but which stores?  Well, it’s hard to know all the stores that are carrying it, but they’ll mostly be actual game stores.  Don’t go looking in Toys R’ Us or Walmart quite yet!

If your local game store doesn’t have it – well, tell them to order some in! 🙂  Hopefully if more and more people are asking for it, then they’ll have to bring it in to keep up with the immense demand.

I’ve listed a few sites below of online stores that are carrying it if you want to buy online.  Also – Train of Thought is back on the Hotness List on boardgamegeek.com!  When people play any game, they can log into their profile and record that they’ve played it.  To get on the Hotness I believe a game has been played by the most people.  So Train of Thought is currently the 22nd most played game in the world (according to the users of bgg.com!).

If you have played the game, please give it a rating on bgg.com!  Here are some pictures of Train of Thought on store shelves:

Train of Thought available in the US:

Board & Bits


Cool Stuff Inc

Thought Hammer

Card Haus Games

RC Hobbies

Gnome Games

CCG Armory


Train of Thought available in Canada:

Fun Games Cafe

German Boardgame Co.


Starlight Citadels

Craving for A Game

Train of Thought available in the UK:

Infinity Games









2 thoughts on “Where can you get Train of Thought?

  1. Actualy, I believe “the hotness” just measures people clicking to that page, so anyone checking out the game, recording a play, reading a review, or posting a session report would contribute… I think.


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