First official review of Train of Thought is in!

Train of Thought box artWe’ve heard a lot of great things from the community about Train of Thought (like the reviews posted on Train of Thought’s Facebook page), but here is our first official review – and it’s a good one! Father Geek has been reviewing games on for years and he has written up a great review of the game here.

Of note, I really liked this part:

“This game does a lot of things right. First, it provides for a high level of player interaction. I love games where I get to actually play with the other people. Second, it is fast paced. There is no down time and a single game doesn’t last very long or feel drawn out. Third, this game is challenging and requires all the players to use their active listening, communication, and logical thinking skills. This makes the game very challenging and rewarding. Fourth, and finally, the game’s mechanics and flow are easy to understand and to teach. This makes it very easy for me to introduce the game to veteran gamers and new players, alike.”

Thanks for the review Father Geek! If anyone else has reviewed Train of Thought – please make sure to let us know and we’ll link to it!

-Jay Cormier

3 thoughts on “First official review of Train of Thought is in!

  1. I’m really pleased that the reviewer (GeekFather) played it with his children. That was a bonus. We definitely need to playtest more with children and teenagers. Luckily, we’ve got a few to work with now!


  2. That’s a good review! It’s gratifying to get a well-reasoned and well-written review, and a positive one to boot. (I`ll be sending Father Geek copies of my games when the time comes…)


    • Yves,

      We invite you and everyone else to feel free to send copies of games for us to review. If you don’t believe they are ready for a published review, simply let us know and we will play test the games with friends and family and let you know our thoughts.

      Best of luck to everyone who designs games and our deepest thanks. It is because of you we have so many wonderful memories around the family game table.


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