Filming Commercial for Train of Thought

Today we filmed a commercial for Train of Thought.  How cool!

I learned something recently about the difference between writing a book and designing a game (besides a bunch of obvious differences!).  If you pitch a book to a publisher, then 30% of that pitch should be about the contents of the book and 70% of the pitch should be about what you, the author, is going to do to support and promote the book’s sales.  When a book publisher agrees to publish your book – they do just that: print it and publish it and get it into book stores – that’s about it.  It’s often up to the author to promote the book and make the sales happen by doing signing tours and whatnot.

In the board game industry it seems to be a bit different.  Once a publisher has agreed to publish a designer’s board game, it’s almost as if the designer’s job is done (it’s not – and we have many posts in the future about the work that a designer needs to do after getting a contract!) – but it’s nowhere near what a book author has to do.

Sen and I have taken it upon ourselves to do everything we can to promote our games.  I flew to Dallas to be at the convention where our game launched.  I signed copies of the game and helped demo it to anyone and everyone.  We’ve just finished a press release that we’re about to send out and now, we just finished filming a commercial!

Looking around on the web I haven’t been able to find too many commercials for board games.  The commercial was filmed with a ton of help from all our contacts and friends: professional videographers and equipment, professional actors (including me on the left below!), and Sen will be writing the music for the commercial!  The commercial will be used online in an effort to promote the game as it’s 30-45 seconds long and really helps to give people an idea of how the gameplay works.

The entire shoot took about 2 hours as we wanted to make sure we got every angle of every shot.  All our actors were great and the videographers had some better ideas on how to tell our story.  All in all – a great day’s work and I’m really excited to see the finished product.

Once the entire thing is edited and ready to go – I’ll be sure to post it here!  In the meantime – thanks to all my friends who helped make this happen today!!  It was a great shoot with a ton of laughs!

-Jay Cormier


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