Most Anticipated Games of 2011? is having a ‘competition’ to see which games are the 20 most anticipated games for 2011.  Anyone can vote for the nominations up until Jan 5th.  Then the top 50 nominations will be put to another vote to determine the top 20!

If you’d like to vote for Train of Thought or Belfort – both of which have been nominated already, then please visit these pages and click on the ‘thumbs up’ icon under the picture.  I’m not sure if you have to register with boardgamegeek in order to vote though – but please do! 🙂

Train of Thought – listed at #27.

Belfort – listed at #59.

3 thoughts on “Most Anticipated Games of 2011?

  1. I’m pretty sure you need to register, but it’s worthwhile!

    Let the people know just how great Belfort and Train of Thought are! 😀


  2. I actually voted for a lot of other games on there. While 2010 wasn’t my most memorable year for games, it looks like 2011 might be better – I might actually spend time playing other people’s games for a bit 😀


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