Reviews of Train of Thought coming in!

There are tons of reviews coming in for Train of Thought! has a nice smattering of mini-reviews and ratings.  So far there are 29 ratings for an average of 7.66 – which, if you’re familiar with – you know that’s really high. Of course it will go down as more and more people rate it, but it’s still pleasing to see it so high!

We’ve been selected as part of the Spiel’s Holiday Gift Guide as well!  You can hear an audio review of the game around 2:06 into the podcast!

Here are some of the nice words people have been saying about the game (and I don’t know any of these people personally!):

I got to try a full game of Train of Thought immediately afterwards. I’ve already gushed about Tasty Mistrel’s games, and I think this game has the opportunity to become a big hit. In the game, you reveal a card wih a word on it. Then you secretly draw a second word card. You must try to get someone to guess that hidden word. If you do so, you both get a point.

The trick is that you may only say three words as a clue, and the first word must be the word on the revealed card. If no one guesses your word, you must offer another three-word clue, using one of the words the players used as your first word.

I loved this game. It’s simple, quick, has enormous mass-market appeal, and is a ton of fun. – Gil Hova

Got pulled into a demo of this game by the designer (one of them at least) and I knew it was one that i was going to end up getting at the con. In fact, I have a signed copy! (though it took until buying the game to realize that he was the designer) a nice word game, that wont totally hose me if my train of thought is different then others, since there is interaction between those guessing the word, and the clue giving, who much base their clue of the word that those guessing said.

Cannot wait to break this one out. – Tiffany Jones

Well named, challenging and fun medium-size party word game that generates interesting thought paths. A creative design which rewards quick creative thinking. – Bob Rademaker

A party game where you give word clues. A card determines a word you must include in your first clue; from there on, you must include a word that was guessed. Fast moving, very simple, and quite fun.

I considered buying this from Tasty Minstrel there, but wasn’t sure about space; had I known it wasn’t readily available yet, I probably would have grabbed it. – Brian Modreski


It’s really exhilarating reading about people’s experience with our game!  Thanks to everyone who has played it and wrote kind words (and even to those who didn’t write kind words…wait a minute – no one has written bad words about it yet! And no, that isn’t a challenge to anyone out there!).


-Jay Cormier


1 thought on “Reviews of Train of Thought coming in!

  1. Train of Thought (or ToT as we lovingly refer to it as) is available for pre-order from the US from Funagain Games ( I don’t know if they will be shipping before the holidays – you’ll have to ask them. For Canadians trying to save on shipping, I’ve heard that we probably shouldn’t expect copies north of the border until January at the earliest. So some people have banded together and ordered multiple copies from Funagain and brought the shipping down to a reasonable price when split between them all.

    But yeah, kind of stinks that we won’t have them in time for Christmas…


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