Back from BGG.con!

BGG.con is done and I have a lot of updates and stories!  I’ll pace them out over the week with a post every day or so.  BGG.con is an annual convention that takes place in Dallas where over 1000 people come to play board games from all over the world.  They have a library of games that has 100’s and 100’s of games that anyone can sign out for free and play.  The convention is so friendly that you can almost always walk up to complete strangers and ask to join their game, or ask them if they’d like to join in your game.  They even have “Players Needed” flags that you can place on your table if you need more players.

In addition to playing games there are a bunch of other diversions like the Puzzle Hunt, Game Show, Rock Band, Tichu and Texas Hold’em Tournaments, Flea Market, some board game vendors and eating – with a constantly running shuttle that loops around local restaurants.  Thanks to Rio Grande for sponsoring that shuttle!

I spent most of my time at the Tasty Minstrel booth pitching Train of Thought and Belfort to other gamers.  As you’ll see in the upcoming posts – both were very well received.

Overall I had a blast and met a lot of great people and would recommend this convention to any board game fan!  The next few posts will be divided into the following topics:

–        Train of Thought (our first published board game!)

–        Belfort (our second published board game!)

–        Our third (and potentially fourth) published board games!

–        Games I liked and disliked and wanted to play

–        Game Designers and other thoughts

Up next: Train of Thought!

-Jay Cormier


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