First Sketch of Belfort Box

Here’s Josh Cappel’s first sketch of what he proposes the box for Belfort to look like.  I really like it as it shows the gameplay (building) and theme (elves and dwarves) in a fun and interesting way.  Can’t wait to see the final version!

Belfort board game


2 thoughts on “First Sketch of Belfort Box

  1. Don’t forget the gnomes! See? There’s cunning old Mr. Cursmidgens, with his quill and scroll, tallying up just how much this building is going to cost – then he’ll figure out a way to make that building more profitable! Oh yes he will, that resourceful little Mr. Cursmidgens!

    I love the contrast in colours – the yellow/gold and the purple. I don’t know if Josh knew that those were our favourite colours (I love yellow, Jay loves purple), but damn! He did a fine job in using them 😀

    I love the building aspect – there are towers and walls being constructed in the background. I love that the dwarf is laying the stone, the elf is working with the wood and the gnome is taking care of business.

    I’m not sure how the logo for TMG is going to be incorporated in there – I *think* that’s the “spine” of the gamebox – it looks like it’s meant to be a bookshelf style box (i.e. stood up on it’s side, as opposed to flat on the larger surface area). I wonder how the rest of the box is going to be formulated.


    I’m excited about this.

    Can you tell? 😀


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