More Art for Belfort!

This week we got to see the art that Josh Cappel created for the Guild Cards for our upcoming game, Belfort.  So for those keeping track at home, we’ve seen a segment of the board, the building cards, the logo and now the Guilds.

For those that have never played Belfort (and that would be the majority of you I assume!), each game you choose which 5 Guilds you want to play with.  This allows for a lot of replay-ability as it keeps the game fresh every time you play it (and also allows for some expansions!).

I’ve posted our original prototype and Josh’s art below.  When I say original prototype – I mean this was our 23rd actual prototype of the game that we made.  Belfort has gone through more playtests and tweaks than any other game that we’ve made.  It’s probably because it’s our most gamery game – meaning it has layers of strategy that have to be finely balanced.

Looking at both the prototype art that we used when playtesting and Josh’s art, it’s interesting to see some of the differences.

1) This biggest difference (besides great art vs. only serviceable art) is the crest on each of Josh’s designs.  This adds more theme to the game and creates more character for the game.  Great idea.

2) The Worker Placement spot has been removed as it was added to the actual board instead (see here)!  Saved a ton of room on the tile.

3) The names of some of the guilds were changed – and the reason for this was because visually it’s nicer to look at when the font is the same size on all Guilds – and we couldn’t do that with some of the longer names – so Josh came up with new names!  Great idea!

4) Some of the grammar has changed – and that came from some feedback from the group once we saw the final art (as this is the third version we’ve seen this week of these guilds!).

All in all, another fantastic piece of work from Mr. Cappel.  I’m ridiculously excited to see such amazing quality for this game.  I think this game has a big chance to make quite the impression in the board game world…but maybe I’m biased a bit! 🙂

Belfort Art for Guild tiles

Belfort guild tile art Josh Cappel


5 thoughts on “More Art for Belfort!

  1. I do not know if you have noticed this but the “symbols” on the prototype cards do not match the symbols on the new cards. Bsicly al the cards with one silver square have two on the new card. I do not know if al is well but I thought I would let you know.

    Best regards


  2. Nice – good eye Daniel! Those symbols are the resources that are needed in order to build the Guild.

    Through the development phase where the game was playtested even more, it was decided that the cost of the Guilds should be the same to help reduce confusion. Good catch though!


  3. Looks like he took both the worker placement *and* the ownership spot off the guild card. And only added the ownership square onto the board.

    For worker placement, do you simply place the elf/dwarf onto the guild?


  4. No, I believe there’s a worker placement space on the board as well. though frankly, yes, you COULD just put the worker on the guild tile, perhaps over the crest, the game would work fine that way.


  5. Hmm… looking at the board image linked above, I see what you mean. In the board image I recall seeing there was a red outline that looked like the worker placement spots on the cards (circle inscribed in square). We’ll have to see what the final look is like. As has been mentioned, I think placing the worker directly on the guild would be fine.


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