Train of Thought sent to Printers!

Train of Thought box artWell today is the day that Train of Thought was sent to the printers in good ole China!  I’m curious about the turnaround time on how long it takes to print, and if Tasty Minstrel gets a sample to approve, and then shipped back to the US.  They are trying hard to ensure we have some in time for the convention we’re all going to in November in Dallas.

Also – with its own Facebook page now, we’re looking to ramp up the reviews from anyone that has playtested this game.  So if you’ve played it and enjoyed it, then please visit the Facebook page for Train of Thought and add it to the Reviews section.  There are already 3 reviews posted if you’re interested in reading what other people are saying (and 2 of them aren’t related to, or friends of, either Sen or myself!).


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