Art for Train of Thought Rules + Assistance Needed

The rules for our first game that’s coming out, Train of Thought, is now available to see!  Tasty Minstrel is looking for feedback on clarity, flow, design – anything basically.  They are hoping to send everything to the printers on Tuesday – so we have this weekend to provide input.  Please take a look and provide your 2 cents either here and I’ll forward to Tasty Minstrel, or you can provide feedback directly to TM by joining them on Facebook.  Thanks for your help.

5 thoughts on “Art for Train of Thought Rules + Assistance Needed

  1. This looks like a neat game! The rules seem pretty clear, and you’ve covered a lot of the potential pitfalls and conflicts. I didn’t do a super-close reading, but I did notice that you’ve got “spatula” misspelled as “spachula” in one of the shout balloons.


  2. Thanks Dave! We’ve got the second draft all ready to go based on some initial feedback – and yes, we’ve fixed the Spatula typo – thanks! Hopefully it will be posted soon. It’s amazing how much detail you have to go into when proofing your own rules. There’s so much in your own head as to how the game works – and that fills in a lot of blanks that might exist in the rules. So it’s only from outside input can we truly see if there are blanks.

    Thanks for you input!


  3. Ah, now where did I put my spachula? I really need to flip a burger!

    The amount of collaboration and consensus building doing the rules for these games is even MORE SO than the artwork. But the final product is so much better than anything Jay and I could have come up with on our own. Other people’s ways of thinking, the constraints of allowable space in the print process, interpreting things from an outsider’s view etc. have all contributed to changing these rules from a very mechanical / dry document that I wrote originally into a vibrant work of art IMO.

    Check out more of Gavan’s artwork at:

    That’s a game, JAB, that he’s created and done the artwork for – it’ll be out soon through Tasty Minstrel Games as well! Congrats on that, Gavan!


  4. The gameplay example at the end was a little confusing. First it goes from left to right, then it goes down, the up to the right, then down again. Numbered or not, the flow was a little off.

    It really made me feel like I was on a train!


  5. We totally hear you Roger. We thought the same thing and have provided that feedback. I haven’t seen the next iteration of the rules yet – but that’s on the docket to get fixed for sure. Thanks a lot for giving them a read through!


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