This Town Ain’t Big Enough for GeekDad’s review…wait – yes it is!

ThisTown-logoScreenshot 2014-02-10 15.03.08GeekDad wrote up a nice review of This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the 2-4 of Us! In short, he liked it and while it won’t replace Carcassonne as his main tile-laying game, but that “it’ll be great for a quick fix.” Check out his review…

Oh also – you knew that the game is still funding on Kickstarter right?! Hey with a minimum pledge of $3 you can get yourself a copy of the game…or what about free? Sure – you can even try the game for free as a print and play. Click on Free Games above to find it.

To back it on Kickstarter, click here!

If you just want to share the Kickstarter campaign with your friends (because it fun to do!) – then you can use this link:


Fantastic video review of Belfort: The Expansion Expansion by Couple Vs. Cardboard!

Screenshot 2014-02-05 23.07.07

Bex-coverThese two are just awesome! I love their reviews. They have high production quality, they’re both good on camera (and adorable!) – but mostly I love them because they actually REVIEW the game! I’m not sure how we all became so complacent in interchanging the word review with rules summary. 99% of all other ‘reviews’ that I see are mostly a lengthy rules summary with an opinion tacked on at the end.

Anyway – I’m ranting. Here’s their video review of our new expansion – which they both seemed to really enjoy!

-Jay Cormier

First video review of Belfort: The Expansion Expansion!

Let’s Level Up has done the first video review of Belfort: The Expansion Expansion! He goes through all the assistants,expansions and new guilds with close ups of each. In short – he really liked the expansion! Yay! Check it out:

And here’s Let’s Level Up’s review of the base game of Belfort – which he also liked!


-Jay Cormier

Belfort: The Expansion Expansion – first mini review

A user by the name of Mark O’Reilly on has written up the first comments I’ve seen for Belfort: The Expansion Expansion – and they’re glowing with praise! Yay! Here’s what he had to say:

Not only adds loads of goodiness to an already great game, it elevates the game to top shelf stuff.
Tons of variety now, extra guilds, the personnel are simply awesome – and compensate player order ( last pick first) , expansions to the base game buildings of Belfort city are simply genius!, adds a plethora of things to do.
Your cup will runneth over :-).

Ask yourself these two questions:

1) You own Belfort?
2) You enjoy Belfort?
If you answer Yes to above…
You simply have to buy this little box of tricks…
Best expansion I have ever purchased to date, adds to game in such a good way.
Thank you designers, artist and TMG.


Thanks so much for the kind words Mark! Really cool to read that you liked it.


-Jay Cormier

German, Polish and Spanish Belfort Admirers?

Belfort-PSWell the German language and Polish language version of Belfort is now out as is evident by a few reviews that are popping up online. Pegasus Spiele has partnered with Tasty Minstrel Games to publish the German version (along with new box art) and Lacerta partnered with TMG to publish the Polish version.

Here’s a video review of the German version by If anyone out there speak German can you let us know what they thought of the game?! :-)

Here’s a video review of the Polish version by Board Times. If you can understand Polish – then let us know what they’re saying!

Here’s a Spanish written review of Belfort (the game wasn’t published in Spanish – so they were playing an German version of the game) by Alrededor de la Mesa. Google Translate helped us out with this one! While he thought that with some players the downtime can be too much, he did say,

“I think a great Belfort game mid-level majorities the right amount of interaction between players.” (thanks Google Translate!)

And finally, if you only speak English, well here’s a review from play board games that also gave Belfort a favourable review!

So thanks to everyone around the world for playing and reviewing Belfort! It’s great to know that people in other parts of the world can now play our game!!

-Jay Cormier

Major Fun Award for Train of Thought

Train of Thought box artTrain of Thought has been awarded the Major Fun award from! You can read the full review of the game here.

Here is the criteria they have for awarding the Major Fun award:

  • clear and comprehensive rules that can be read in 5-15 minutes
  • played in under an hour
  • fun enough to play over and over again
  • suitable for a wide audience
  • easy to store
  • made to last
  • uniquely fun
  • tend to make people laugh
  • deep enough to withstand a lot of changes

It’s nice to see Train of Thought still being appreciated by new gamers!!

-Jay Cormier

GAMES Magazine

We already posted about our review in the April issue of GAMES Magazine – available in stores now – but we didn’t have a picture of what that issue of the cover looked like…and now we do! So now if you see this magazine on the shelves, pick it up and flip on over to page 75 to see Belfort first printed review!!

Also – for movie lovers, on page 76 is a really fun and challenging contest/puzzle. I managed to figure it out – but had to have IMDB open throughout!

-Jay Cormier

Belfort’s First Printed Review!!

Went to the book store today as I was hoping the April edition of GAMES magazine was out. It was…it is! What’s so special about the April edition you ask? We got our first printed review of Belfort in this issue!


Supercool. The review was written by their resident board game reviewer, John J. McCallion who wrote reviews for 8 games in this issue. John does a great job at giving you an idea of how the game works, but I’m in awe to read his opening line:

Jay Cormier and Sen-Foong Lim make their GAMES debut with a worker placement masterpiece that even veteran designers could boast about.

That’s pretty amazing to read! Thanks for playing and for the kind words John! So check out the first, and currently only printed review of Belfort out there in the April edition of GAMES magazine!

-Jay Cormier

Wow – 4 more positive reviews of Belfort!

I’m ecstatic to see that there are still more reviews coming out for Belfort, and that more and more people are enjoying it.

The first review comes from someone that’s been outside of our expected target demographic: Moms (well, maybe besides our own!). The website A Mom’s Take does a review from a Mom’s perspective and said:

We played a 3-player game of Belfort and we were all able to grasp the concept and actions in the game really quickly which meant even the first time playing the game was really fun!

Next up, we mentioned previously that Bruno Faidutti liked Belfort, and now he’s done his official review and has even included it in his Ideal Game Library! Wow! Here’s an excerpt:

All this sound, and is, very typical, but the game is richer and deeper than it looks, while still being fluid and fast paced.

Thirdly, a pithy review from the site Dice Slam with these fine words:

Belfort is deceptively complex looking because there are three game boards (Calendar board, Resource board and the main Game Board), but is quite intuitive to learn.

Finally a review popped up on Snackbar Games website. He even picked Belfort as his #3 game of 2011! Nice! Here’s a sample of what his review:

There’s a lot going on here, obviously, but every aspect of it adds up to one of the best experiences I’ve had in gaming all year. Put your elves, dwarves, and gnomes to work (no trolls allowed!) and seek out this game as soon as possible.

Unbelievable. Thanks so much to everyone for playing our game and for your kind words. We’re stoked that you’re enjoying it!

-Jay Cormier